Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dougie's 8th Birthday.!

Today is my gorgeous American Cocker Spaniels birthday. Dougie is 8 years old today and is just the most sweetest, and loveliest boy in the whole wide world.

We adopted Dougie from the pound last year in June. He was abandoned twice, his first owner was a breeder for show dogs. Dougie was one of her dogs that she showed in the ring, but she passed away and had no family so Dougie ended up in the pound. He was adopted again by a couple who abused him and kicked him. He has a bad back leg from it and had extremely bad chest infection when we found him and adopted him. The pound thought Dougie would not last very long but a 15 months later and my little boy is doing beautifully.

I have to say that Dougie is definately the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of adopting. He is so obedient and loving. I take him to the Age Care Facility where my husband, ---- works all the time as he is so gentle and patient with the residents there, they love him and so do I.

Happy 8th birthday my darling little Dougiekins. Mummy loves you dearly sweetheart. Hope you enjoy your pressies.! xxooxxoxoxxo

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anniversary for my little Angel, Lucy...

Today would have been Lucy's 19th Birthday. Lucy was my very first dog, and she was a Toy Poodle. Its been 7 years since Lucy went to Rainbow Bridge and I still miss her dearly.

She was a very special little girl, who went through so much health problems in her life and always gave so much love to us all.
Lucy, our little Angel Girl. We love you honey. You were the bestest little love that came into our lives. You touched our hearts with your happy loving nature. You are greatly missed, lovey but never forgotten.