Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here are my Christmas Ornaments.!

Hi Sweeties,

I know I am so behind in updating my blog for this month, just have been so very busy stitching, looking after doggies, and with life in general. But better late then never I say.! lol

Not only have I finished my Ornament for the Christmas Exchange on the Sanman Board, which I can not post yet until my partner has received it, but I've been busy till all hours trying to finish all the ornaments below.

It is a German Tradition that a newly married woman should have 12 ornaments on her tree the first year she celebrates Christmas with her new Husband. Since ---- and I will be celebrating our 1st Christmas together as a Married couple, I have been having a delightful time putting together these ornaments.

I have tried to enclude Designer and Pattern Name where available for you. Also flosses and Fabrics used.

#NB: GBHFloss is short for Gingerbread House of Floss - Hand dyed flosses.

Dont forget to check out the GBHFloss website on Christmas Eve for there will be 5x new flosses released and a contest to win the entire range of Hand Dyed Flosses..!!!

The first 4x Ornaments are ones that I have stitched and assembled this year. The others were stitched during the last few years but had not been assembled into ornaments yet which I finally finished this year. The last 3x ornies were already completed I just encluded them so you can see all the ones that are now happily hanging on my Pink, yes girls, PINK Christmas Tree.!

Pattern: Christmas Stocking & Christmas Baubles
Designer: ? I know it was in a Cross Stitch Mag I think Collections.?
Stitched: Using DMC on 22ct Hardanger

Pattern: Christmas Joy

Designer: Angel Stitching

Stitched: Using GBHFloss,

& DMC Metalics on 22ct Hardanger

Pattern: Christmas Tree

Designer: Elizabeth Design's

Stitched: With GBHFloss on 32ct Fawn

Linda Evenweave

Pattern: By Golly Be Jolly
Designer: Lizzie*Kate

Stitched: 1 over 1 on 28ct Golden Sands
Evenweave, using Sampler Thread Floss

Pattern: O Christmas Tree

Designer: Angel Stitching - 2005 JCS Mag

Stitched: 1 over 1 on 28ct Lugana

using Dinky Dye Silks
(Assembled this one in 2006. Thankfully I am much

better at finishing Ornaments these days lol)

Pattern: Sweet Treats
Designer: Lizzie*Kate - 2005 JCS Mag

Stitched: 1 over 1 on 32 ct Monoco Linen

using DMC

Buttons: Hand made by Me.

Pattern: Stars are Brightly Shining

Designer: SamSarah Designs. 2004 JCS Mag
Stitched: 1 over 1 on 28ct Linda Evenweave

using Dinky Dye Silks

Buttons: Hand made by me

Pattern: We Wreath You a Merry Christmas

Designer: Water's Edge - 2006 JCS Mag
Stitched: Using Dinky Dye Silks

on 28ct Lugana

Pattern: Pear Tree

Designer: Little House Needleworks - 2006 JCS Mag

Stitched: Using Dinky Dye Silks on 32ct Sherbert Moss

Pattern: It's a Wonderful Life

Designer: Val's Stuff - 2005 JCS Mag
Stitched: 1 over 1 on 28ct Linda Evenweave,

Using Sampler Threads & WDW

Buttons: Handmade by Me

Pattern: Snoel

Designer: Janlynn Whimzies
Stitched: on 14 Brown Plastic Canvas using kit floss

Pattern: Christmas Penguin

Designer: Think it was a Janlynn kit?

Stitched: on 14ct Plastic Canvas with DMC

Hope you enjoyed them,

Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching,




Sunday, November 1, 2009

A belated Happy Halloween..!

Wow, cant believe Halloween is already over and its already November. Missed out on all the online Halloween fun at Sanman Originals, as my internet server was upgrading so couldnt get online. :(

This year we had 6x Halloween Trick or Treaters all girls under 10 years old. They were so sweet and all of them were dressed like Witches. Two girls were dressed is gorgeous Autumn Witches outfits. Sort of like Fairy dresses with Orange frilly skirts and puff sleeves and a black velvet bodice and Witches Hat.

---- and I and the puppies had a ball handing out little bags of goodies. We loves to add toys to the goodie bags as well as sweets so the children have more fun.

This year I tried to dress up the doggies, but only Pumpkin kept his custom on. He was dressed as a little clown.

Not a very good photo of him as it doesnt show the pom poms along his back but he was such a good boy and even kept his hat on the whole time we had Trick or Treaters. The little girls loved him, and all wanted to pat him, which of course made all our other doggies want to join in and receive some pats as well.! lol

All in all it was a very fun and happy Halloween for us. I hope your Halloween was just as enjoyable..!

A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who have been leaving comments on my blog and who have been sending me emails. I love it, and I especially love making new stitching friends.!

Hugs, always,


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6x Halloween Ornaments WOO HOO...!!!

Hi Pumpkins,

I know, I know, I'm blogging like a mad stitcher these last few days. Just trying to get in all my Halloween Stitching before Halloween is over.!

Have finially finished all Six Halloween Ornaments that I've been working on.

The First Ornament is called Spooky Friends.

I know that this was a freebie but cant remember the designer's name.? I made this one as a hard board ornament, as with the rest of the ornaments, as that is my favourite way of finishing them.

Spooky Friends is stitched using hand dyed flosses, Autumn Falls, Santa's Soot, and Tannebaum, by Gingerbread House of Floss. It is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave, the color is a soft golden beige though it doesnt show up much in the photo. I also changed the boarder and used Algerian Stitch and Smyra Stitch just to give it a bit more texture to the design. I made the Ghost Charm on the bow out of Fimo.

The Second Ornament is Witch's Hat, a Board Member Freebie, from Sanman Originals. I really, really do love this one. I love Witches Hats as well as Pumpkins which are my two most favourite subjects to stitch for Halloween.
I used hand dyed flosses from Gingerbread House of Floss, Mistletoe Bliss, Bells Are Ringing, and Happy Dreams. It is stitched on my hand dyed 26ct Evenweave. I made the cording and couldnt resist adding these cute little star charms on it instead of stitching the stars. The backing fabric is a see through type Organza so I put plain purple cotton and the organza over the top.

The Third Ornament is another Board Members freebie from Sanman's, which I call Tombstone Ghost. I altered the pattern abit, (sorry Sandy) The tombstone actually had bats over the top, but I left them out and instead stitched a Ghostie on the side.

It is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave. Again, I used GBHF, Hand dyes, Snowflake Frosting, Tannebaum, Autumn Falls, and Ginger World. I used a Pom pom and fringing Wool that I got from Spotlights for the cording. It was the last ball left, and I'm hoping they'll get in some more cause I really love the effect of it. Also found that Ghost charm in my stash.

The backing material is another organza see through type, so had to use plain cotton as an underlay.

The Fourth Ornament is another Board Member Freebie from Sanman's, called, Bug-Eyed. He is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave, and finished up the same way and same cording as the Tombstone Ghost. He is stitched with GBHF floss, Mistletoe Bliss, Snowflake Frosting, Tannebaum, and Bells Are Ringing.

The Fifth Ornament is another of Board member Freebie from Sanman's, called Fall Fangs. I really love this guy he looks sooo cute..! Stitched on my own dyed fabric, yes I know I do alot of fabric dying in my house lol.

He is stitched with GBHF hand dyes, Snowflake Frosting, Santa's Soot, Bells Are Ringing and Angel Wings.

I made the cording using 3x differnet flosses encluding DMC's Metalic as it just called for something sparkly to be on it. Havent finished the decoration on top of it yet, I know I want a black and purple bow on top, but have to go to the craft shop still to get some.

The Sixth Ornament I made is another of Sanman's Board member freebies. (I told you I LOVE Sanman Originals didn't I.!!) I call this Witchy's Spider. Stitched using GBHF's Santa's Soot and Bells Are Ringing. I used DMC Metallics gold and silver for the stars and spider web.

I made another 3x floss cording to edge it with and really love the black, purple and yellow combo.

Well my dear friends, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my ornaments they are proudly displayed on my Halloween Tree that my Husband, ---- got me last year. Have encluded a pic of it below.

Happy Halloween everyone,

Huggies always,

Susi xoxoxo

My Cute Little Pumpkins.!

Hi Sweeties,

These last two weeks, I have been taking our foster pups to the vets and have been carrying around some mini projects for me to do in the car while waiting.

Since I am such a big nut about Pumpkins, and not finding many here where I live to purchase, I decided to make my own and so I have been stitching up these cute little Pumpkins. They are my own design and they are made out of Felt. They measure about 2 1/2" in size.
At first I was just going to stuff them using fibre fill, but I decided to add Sand to some to use them as Needle Emeries, and with others, I added some drops of Cinnamon Oils inside with the Fibre Fill.
I also plan on making them in different sizes but for now I have to make a few more yet for the members of my Stitching Group who all want Pumpkin Emeries.! I've started a pumpkin craze.! lol.
If you would like the pattern and instructions, just email me at marksusi@y7mail.com and I will send you out the details.!
Hugs always,
Susi xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Teddy and Pumpkin by Stoney Creek

Back again..!! Thought I would post a photo of this Halloween Cross Stitch I stitched last year for Halloween. It is called "Boo" and is by Stoney Creek.

I stitched in on my own hand dyed opalescent 32ct fabric Lugana. I used DMC Metalics for the the Witches Hat and band.

Also the 'Boo' Sign, Pumpkin and Vines are stitched with Hand dyed flosses from the Gingerbread House of Floss - Peace On Earth, Pumpkin's Pie, and Mistletoe Bliss.

I really love this one, so does ----. It was such a fun stitch, although I must admit that the Black Metalic for the hat did drive me slightly crazy at times even though I used a larger needle, shorter lenghts of floss, Thread Haven, damp sponge, you name it I tried it.! lol.The matt actually came with the frame, and I think it fits perfectly with the fabric coloring. I love having this one out on display.

My Husband, ----, keeps telling me I should sign and date my pieces, so being the good wife that I am (she says with tongue in cheek ;) lol ) I am starting to sign my stitching work. Shall have to take this one out of the frame and add my initials to it.

Hope you enjoy looking,

Hugs always, Susi xoxo

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sanman Halloween/Fall Ornament Exchange.

Hi Sweeties,

Just found out on the Sanman Board that my Halloween/Fall Exchange to Marie - Lambstitch, was received so I can now show you a photo of what I sent her.

Sadly I couldn't find any Halloweeny things in any of the shops except for scary masks ect.

The two ornaments are both board member freebies from Sanman Originals.

The Ghosts and Pumpkins I made into a pillow ornament and are stitched with hand dyed flosses from Gingerbread House of Floss - Snowflake Frosting, Prancer's Joy, Santa's Soot, Mistletoe Bliss and Pumpkin's Pie. I also made a little Fimo Fall Leaf to put on the bow.

The second Ornament, Freaky, is stitched onto my own sparkly black evenweave, again stitched with Gingerbread House of Floss - Garlard Parade, Santa's Soot, Mistletoe Bliss, and Autumn Falls. I found this great pom pom and fringing wool from Spotlights, which I used as cording for around the ornament. This one was made as a hard board ornament.

I had such great fun making these and am looking forward to the Yule/Christmas Ornie Exchange coming up.!
Hugs always, Susi xoxox

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hardanger Doylie Finish

Hi Sweeties,

Have finally finished this Hardanger Doylie. It took me about 4 weeks to stitch, but I was also stitching on Halloween Ornaments in between.
I am really loving how this one turned out and am thinking of making another one as a set for my Kitchen Hutch.
The Doyle measures about 40cm and is stitched on Linda Evenweave 26ct. I was abit worried about doing the picot filling, but after doing a few of them they became really easy to master.
Huggies, Susi

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Cute To Spook - A Halloween Cross Stitched Finish.

Hi Sweeties,

Well I promised you a cross stitch Halloween finish and here it is. I know I'm late as usual, but I couldnt find my camera. Well that is my excuse and I'm a sticking to it lol.!

This is Too Cute to Spook from the Stoney Creek Magazine. She is stitched on my own hand dyed Pink 26ct Evenweave, and the Pumpkin, Ghosts, Stars, and Candy Corn is stitched using Bells Are Ringing, Snowflake Frosting and Prancer's Joy, from the Gingerbread House of Floss, hand dyed thread.

There are suppose to be spider buttons hanging from the threads that the ghosts are holding onto but I have yet to find some that fit. I might have to just stitch them on instead.

I had this black frame for ages and bought it because I wanted to paint it over with another color but I really think the black looks good with the finished stitching.

---- really loves her and has her hanging over our mantle.! Hope you enjoy her.

Hugs always, Susi xoxox