Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Stitching Finish

Finally finished this gorgeous Rose Heart. The pattern is from a DMC booklet, that my darling friend Maru from Mexico, gave to me as a present.
My gorgeous Husband Mark, kept pestering me to stitch this heart from the booklet, so I did. I also call it Maru's Heart of Roses.! lol
The fabric doesnt show very well but it is a gray/blue very pretty in real.
Have joined up on the Sanman Board for a Halloween/Fall Exchange. Am so very excited as I havent been in an exchange for a long while.!
Took the doggies to the park today, and due to all the rain we've been having here in Frankston, the park was very muddy. The dogs loved it especially Sheba and played in the puddles, covering herself in a mud pack lol. Dogs gotta love them. Needless to say Mark and I were busy giving 4x very muddy doggies some much needed baths.!
Hugs to all, Susi xoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A lovely day and my Pumpkin.!

This morning was gorgeous. The sun was shining its hello upon us, reminding us that Spring will soon be on its way. The doggies were enjoying being able to run in the garden with the sun. Pumpkin our Long Haired Chiahuahua, was particularly enjoying the sun. I love the little smile on his face. lol

The Camellia's are all starting to drop to the ground now from all this heavy wind and rain we've been having. Dont know what kind those dark pink ones are but they are the biggest Camellia's I've ever seen.! Some of them are 8" in diameter.!

Hugs to you, Susi xoxox

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rain, Stitching and pretty Camelias

I am so excited to be on Blogger again. Since it has been such a long time since I've blogged I've forgotten how to change my backgrounds, but I know with trial and error I'll get use to it again. lol.

On the stitching front, I have been busy going through all my patterns to sort out which designs I would like to stitch on next. I am in a very Autumn Fall mood today even though we are still in Winter. It has been raining all day here in Frankston, with strong winds. Some people would think its a dreary day but I am absolutely loving it..! Its a perfect day for sitting by the fireplace and stitching something fun.

Something fun to stitch has to be a pattern from Sanman Originals. Sandy's designs are always so cute and enjoyable to stitch. Also they give you a hugh option to try out your own color changes and floss experimentations. Have been going through all her Autumn and Halloween designs and putting up a pile to start stitching on.

Shall end my first post with a pretty photo of the pink camellia tree that stands right outside our front door. I love Camellia's and luckily the house my Husband, Mark and I live in has 4x of them. Three in the backyard and this one here.

See you soon,