Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A lovely day and my Pumpkin.!

This morning was gorgeous. The sun was shining its hello upon us, reminding us that Spring will soon be on its way. The doggies were enjoying being able to run in the garden with the sun. Pumpkin our Long Haired Chiahuahua, was particularly enjoying the sun. I love the little smile on his face. lol

The Camellia's are all starting to drop to the ground now from all this heavy wind and rain we've been having. Dont know what kind those dark pink ones are but they are the biggest Camellia's I've ever seen.! Some of them are 8" in diameter.!

Hugs to you, Susi xoxox

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Dixie said...

Oh my what a darling little boy. He looks so well loved.