Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010...!!

Happy Halloween Sweeties...!!!

Had such a nice Halloween this year. Had 5x adorable Trick or Treaters come knocking on my door. Last year had some more, but the weather here was raining and windy, so only a few kids came out for a few hours before the weather got bad again. Doesnt matter at least I had some which made me happy.!

Here are some photos of my Halloween Decorations in my Living Room. Was so happy to find the paper Pumpkin ornie. (accordian style one). You can see my Couldron is filled with goodie bags for my Trick or Treaters.

Was a little sad that none of the shops here had anything with Pumpkins. As most of you know I just ADORE Pumpkins and love adding them to my collection. Went online and saw some gorgeous Soup Tourines, and Cookie Jars, that I so fell in love with. Am pounting now as I so badly want them. lol maybe if I'm a very good girl next year, I'll save up and send away for them.!

Also managed to stitch up 2x new Halloween Ornaments for my Tree this year. Both are from Brook's Book's Publishing. This was my first time stitching on Perferated Paper. Have stitched on the plastic before but was worried about the paper. Wasnt as bad or as fragile as I thought it would be.!

This adorable little Witchy is called 'Hannah the Happy' and has to be my favourite of the Stitch a little Witch series. Probably because she is in my favourite color. PINK..! lol.

The second Witch is called, 'Gwendolyn the Great '. I had to improvise a little and used DMC Metalics instead of the called for Krenik Braids. Also used silver paper for the accessories as I didnt have any in gold. But she is still a cutie and proudly sitting on my tree.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween this year. Am going to try and finish all the WIP's I started earlier this year so that they will be ready in time for next Halloween.!
Hugs and Happy Stitching,
Susi xoxo

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Present from Loriana

Hi Sweeties,

Well it has been a very long time since I've posted on my blog. Life has been very trying lately, so have been keeping to myself mostly. Was offically Divorced in August, and am happily getting on with my life, meeting new people, making new friends and enjoying the simple things again.

Havent been stitching much these past few months either, but am slowly getting back into it again.

Today I came home to find a wonderfullest surprise in the mail.!! My dear, sweet friend Lorianna from Italy, sent me a lovely little package.

Inside was this darling Halloween Ornament that Loriana stitched just for me. Isnt it the most precious ornie..?

Just love this and it is proudly displayed on my Halloween table. Loriana even used Pumpkin material to frame it, which I love. Lol she knows how much I just adore pumpkins. I am so blessed to have such a caring friend.

Thank you so much sweet pea. You are the best friend ever..!!

Can not wait until Halloween on Sunday. Will show you some photos of my decorations tomorrow.

Hugs and Happy Stitching,

Susi xoxo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Tatting my little heart out.!

Hi Sweeties,

Yes I know bad girl have not blogged for a whole month. Those who know me, know I've been going through some hard times personally this past month and trying my best to deal with it.

On the crafting front, I am still Tatting away like a mad woman.! lol I have finished 3x Bookmarks so far. All of these are Tatting using my own Overdyed Flosses.

This Bookmark was Tatted using the Justrite Metal Shuttle that a wonderful lady on the Sanman Board sent to me along with the Celuloid Shuttle as a Wish. Had to put a piece of Bandaging on the Justrite as the darn thing is so slippery, the point of it went right into the palm of my hand.! So wonderful to Tat with though.! lol
This Bookmark is again using my own Hand Dyed Flosses, the pattern is a Freebie called "Friendship Bookmark".
These cute little flowers are practice pieces for me to learn how to join motifs. I'm thinking of using them in a crazy patchwork project I'm wanting to do soon.

I am just having so much fun Tatting. Hope to make something really special soon.

Hugs and Happy Stitching,
Susi xoxo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy International Tatting Day..!

Hello Sweeties,

Well I have been kindly informed from another Tatter, that it is the day to celebrate Tatting.! YES...! A whole special day to celebrate my new love.
Here is my first motif. It uses Josephine Knot and I still have to block it, but I was doing a major happy dance when completing it.!

Ahhh, I wonder why I took so many years to master the confidence to learn to Tat..? Its such a wonderful craft and the beautiful results are endless.!
I started and finished this cute little pink Snowflake on 17th March which is my Mother's 1st anniversary since she passed away.
This cute lacey boarder is going to edge a pretty white hanky when finished. (No not the badly creased and needs to be ironed hanky that its lying on. lol.) I love this boarder as its so easy and quick to tat up.

Can you tell I'm head over heels in love with Tatting..? hehe. Now if only I can increase my Tatting Shuttles I can start more then one project at a time.

Today on Tatting Day, I have actually finished a sweet bookmark and have been busy dying some Tatting floss and trying my hands at making my own fimo shuttles. Shall show you pics of them later on.
In the meantime, happy Tatting everyone..!
Hugs and happy stitching,

Monday, March 29, 2010

Valentine Exchange

Hi Sweeties,

Well I have just realised that I havent shown you the lovely Valentine Exchange I received from Loriana from the Sanman Board.

It arrived just after Valentine's Day, and Loriana stitched me this ornament which is a Lizzie Kate design.

As you can my dear friend sent me a lot of wonderful goodies in the exchange.

Sadly though our Post Office is very disrespectful of precious packages, and the parcel arrived torn open and most of the goodies had dissappeared. They also tore the cardboard frame around the ornament that Loriana made. So I received the ornie and the Valentine's Day Ribbon only. Bad, bad post office.

And here are the ornaments I made for Loriana. This Rose Heart ornie was from an old CS&CC magazine. I really loved making the cording adding beads between it.

And this little cutie is my own Hardanger and Bullion Rose design that I made into a little padded ornie.

This was also my first time edging an ornie in rouching. Its a finish I will be using again soon.

Enjoy and I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.!
Hugs and Happy Stitching,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me..!

Happy Birthday to me..! lol Well it was my birthday on 1st March, and I've got to say that even though I am another year older I had a pretty good birthday.!

My ----- spoilt me by getting me some of my favourite things. Some yummy chocolates....drool, drool, yummy yum.!

Four of my favourite Cross Stitch Magazines, and 3x new DVD's, 'Night at the Museum 2', 'Hotel for Dogs', and our new favourite comedy show, 'The Big Bang Theory'

----also got me a delicious White Chocolate Mud Cake and musical candles.! lol. He also got pink hair spray since I love the color pink so much and sprayed my blonde/brown hair, PINK....! hehee. I look like the Pink Stitching Candy Flosser.! lmao.

-----also invited one of his coworkers over on my birthday, a very lovely lady named Corrine, who came to teach me how to Tat..! I was so happy, as I've been wanting to learn how to Tat for years but never got around to it.

Corrine was so sweet and helpful, she taught me the Modern Stitch and now I'm Tatting my little heart out, practicing my stitches and techniques so I can move on to Motifs, and Edgings. Corrine also gave me this pretty pink Flower bouquet for my birthday. It has Orchids on the bottom which are just coming into bloom.

Hopefully I'll have an update on my Tatting in the next week.!

Hugs to all,



Monday, January 25, 2010

Sanman Yuletide Ornament Exchange

Hi Sweeties,

Excuse me for being offline for abit. Have been majorly under the weather with Bronchitis. Silly isnt it, its summer here in OZ and I catch Bronchitis. lol.!

Also have been having a wonky left eye. It has been twitching continuiously for the past week and is really driving me crazy. Strangers are thinking I'm winking at them which has resulted in some very queer looks hehehe.!

Last Tuesday I received in the mail my Yuletide Ornament Exchange from the Sanman Board. My exchange partner was Sarah - sunnysarah. She made me the most adorablest Snowmen ornament ever.! I just love him and his cute little felt friend. Thank you so much Sarah for the beautiful stitching you did on this guy.

I can also show you the ornament I made for Sarah since she has also received it. The Snowman pattern was taken from a Waxing Moon design. I stitched him on natural 28ct Linen using Gingerbread House of Floss.

He was so much fun to stitch and I enjoyed making the cording adding metalic floss inbetween it.

I also made this Candy Cane Stitchers Set for Sarah as well. She told me that she liked red, and I thought this material was just perfect.! Murder to sew with though but the finished item is great.! I made the little Needlecase with it and when you open the flap up you put in your scissors, needlebook, spare needles and/or flosses.

A friend of mine made me one of these some years ago and I must admit that I use it on a daily basis, so I couldnt resist making one for Sarah.

Am now working on a Valentine's Ornament for another Exchange I am in on the Sanman Board. Its turned out so pretty, I have to mail it off this week.

On a sadder note my dear little Budgie, Jasmine, passed away on Sunday. She was only 2 years old. My husband, ---- bought her for me as an Easter present back in 2007. She was so beautiful a gorgeous warm lilac with the chubbiest cheeks. Her partner Edward a cobolt blue Budgie looks so sad without his mate by his side. Dont know whether or not we will be getting another girl for him yet or not.?

Hugs always and Happy Stitching,