Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me..!

Happy Birthday to me..! lol Well it was my birthday on 1st March, and I've got to say that even though I am another year older I had a pretty good birthday.!

My ----- spoilt me by getting me some of my favourite things. Some yummy chocolates....drool, drool, yummy yum.!

Four of my favourite Cross Stitch Magazines, and 3x new DVD's, 'Night at the Museum 2', 'Hotel for Dogs', and our new favourite comedy show, 'The Big Bang Theory'

----also got me a delicious White Chocolate Mud Cake and musical candles.! lol. He also got pink hair spray since I love the color pink so much and sprayed my blonde/brown hair, PINK....! hehee. I look like the Pink Stitching Candy Flosser.! lmao.

-----also invited one of his coworkers over on my birthday, a very lovely lady named Corrine, who came to teach me how to Tat..! I was so happy, as I've been wanting to learn how to Tat for years but never got around to it.

Corrine was so sweet and helpful, she taught me the Modern Stitch and now I'm Tatting my little heart out, practicing my stitches and techniques so I can move on to Motifs, and Edgings. Corrine also gave me this pretty pink Flower bouquet for my birthday. It has Orchids on the bottom which are just coming into bloom.

Hopefully I'll have an update on my Tatting in the next week.!

Hugs to all,



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Meadows08 said...

What sweet husband you have, and what a nice co-worker he has! Love the flower arrangement, it's beautiful.