Sunday, November 1, 2009

A belated Happy Halloween..!

Wow, cant believe Halloween is already over and its already November. Missed out on all the online Halloween fun at Sanman Originals, as my internet server was upgrading so couldnt get online. :(

This year we had 6x Halloween Trick or Treaters all girls under 10 years old. They were so sweet and all of them were dressed like Witches. Two girls were dressed is gorgeous Autumn Witches outfits. Sort of like Fairy dresses with Orange frilly skirts and puff sleeves and a black velvet bodice and Witches Hat.

---- and I and the puppies had a ball handing out little bags of goodies. We loves to add toys to the goodie bags as well as sweets so the children have more fun.

This year I tried to dress up the doggies, but only Pumpkin kept his custom on. He was dressed as a little clown.

Not a very good photo of him as it doesnt show the pom poms along his back but he was such a good boy and even kept his hat on the whole time we had Trick or Treaters. The little girls loved him, and all wanted to pat him, which of course made all our other doggies want to join in and receive some pats as well.! lol

All in all it was a very fun and happy Halloween for us. I hope your Halloween was just as enjoyable..!

A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who have been leaving comments on my blog and who have been sending me emails. I love it, and I especially love making new stitching friends.!

Hugs, always,