Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6x Halloween Ornaments WOO HOO...!!!

Hi Pumpkins,

I know, I know, I'm blogging like a mad stitcher these last few days. Just trying to get in all my Halloween Stitching before Halloween is over.!

Have finially finished all Six Halloween Ornaments that I've been working on.

The First Ornament is called Spooky Friends.

I know that this was a freebie but cant remember the designer's name.? I made this one as a hard board ornament, as with the rest of the ornaments, as that is my favourite way of finishing them.

Spooky Friends is stitched using hand dyed flosses, Autumn Falls, Santa's Soot, and Tannebaum, by Gingerbread House of Floss. It is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave, the color is a soft golden beige though it doesnt show up much in the photo. I also changed the boarder and used Algerian Stitch and Smyra Stitch just to give it a bit more texture to the design. I made the Ghost Charm on the bow out of Fimo.

The Second Ornament is Witch's Hat, a Board Member Freebie, from Sanman Originals. I really, really do love this one. I love Witches Hats as well as Pumpkins which are my two most favourite subjects to stitch for Halloween.
I used hand dyed flosses from Gingerbread House of Floss, Mistletoe Bliss, Bells Are Ringing, and Happy Dreams. It is stitched on my hand dyed 26ct Evenweave. I made the cording and couldnt resist adding these cute little star charms on it instead of stitching the stars. The backing fabric is a see through type Organza so I put plain purple cotton and the organza over the top.

The Third Ornament is another Board Members freebie from Sanman's, which I call Tombstone Ghost. I altered the pattern abit, (sorry Sandy) The tombstone actually had bats over the top, but I left them out and instead stitched a Ghostie on the side.

It is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave. Again, I used GBHF, Hand dyes, Snowflake Frosting, Tannebaum, Autumn Falls, and Ginger World. I used a Pom pom and fringing Wool that I got from Spotlights for the cording. It was the last ball left, and I'm hoping they'll get in some more cause I really love the effect of it. Also found that Ghost charm in my stash.

The backing material is another organza see through type, so had to use plain cotton as an underlay.

The Fourth Ornament is another Board Member Freebie from Sanman's, called, Bug-Eyed. He is stitched on my own hand dyed 26ct Evenweave, and finished up the same way and same cording as the Tombstone Ghost. He is stitched with GBHF floss, Mistletoe Bliss, Snowflake Frosting, Tannebaum, and Bells Are Ringing.

The Fifth Ornament is another of Board member Freebie from Sanman's, called Fall Fangs. I really love this guy he looks sooo cute..! Stitched on my own dyed fabric, yes I know I do alot of fabric dying in my house lol.

He is stitched with GBHF hand dyes, Snowflake Frosting, Santa's Soot, Bells Are Ringing and Angel Wings.

I made the cording using 3x differnet flosses encluding DMC's Metalic as it just called for something sparkly to be on it. Havent finished the decoration on top of it yet, I know I want a black and purple bow on top, but have to go to the craft shop still to get some.

The Sixth Ornament I made is another of Sanman's Board member freebies. (I told you I LOVE Sanman Originals didn't I.!!) I call this Witchy's Spider. Stitched using GBHF's Santa's Soot and Bells Are Ringing. I used DMC Metallics gold and silver for the stars and spider web.

I made another 3x floss cording to edge it with and really love the black, purple and yellow combo.

Well my dear friends, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my ornaments they are proudly displayed on my Halloween Tree that my Husband, ---- got me last year. Have encluded a pic of it below.

Happy Halloween everyone,

Huggies always,

Susi xoxoxo


Barbara said...

I love all your ornaments and tree. Your finishing skills are simply awesome. Enjoyed your blog and I signed on as a follower (am the 1st one).
Barb in TX

Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh, Susi hunny, those ornaments are fantastic.! Shall I put my order in now for Christmas? lol. I'm so proud of you my dearest friend. Kisses, Charlotte xoxox