Friday, October 2, 2009

Have been stitching....honestly..!

Hi everyone.

My blog is boring.. lol. I've been showing lots of my puppies lately but only one finished stitch piece.

Despite what your thinking, I have been stitching my little heart out, honestly I have. I am on a Halloween Ornie stitching frenzy. Only trouble is I havent decided which ornament to send to my Partner yet in the Hallow/Fall Ornie Exchange on the Sanman Board. Which means I cant show any finishes yet until I choose one.

I'm really into Halloween this year. ---- and I are actually both crazy about it. Last year we decided we wanted to be prepared for Trick or Treaters and we actually had 8x kids come knocking at our door.! It was so much fun, so this year we are really going all out. I love Halloween, and dont like it that here in Australia we dont celebrate it much.

Went to Spotlights yesterday for some Halloween material and was so very dissapointed in their stock. Only 4x organza types and they were last years stock too.! Think I might have to shop online for it next year.

Now I'm off to pick ---- up from work. Oh alright, I promise to have a stitching finish for you over the weekend. lol

Huggies, Susi

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